Complete lesion of the brachial plexus as a result of a traffic accident, rebuilt with the use of the phrenic nerve. He arrived at the Viktor Physio Center with his left arm totally flabby, no muscle activation and complete lack of sensitivity. After 5 months of work, the muscle activation was restored at the bicep level and this enabled him to actively flex his elbow. Furthermore, he is showing initial signs of regaining sensitivity.


Stroke following a varicella infection which causes a condition of hemiplegia in his left arm. He shows muscular hypertonus in the upper arm, little muscle activation in the lower limb and a foot drop. After 3 months of work, the hypertonus was reduced and good muscle activation was developed in the upper arm as well as in the lower limb of the affected area.


Suffering from tetraplegia involving a C5 injury following a car accident, he arrived at the Viktor Physio Center with considerable weakness in both upper and lower limbs as well as some hypertone in the right upper limb. Deambulation was possible only by using two sticks. After 5 months of work, the hypertonus was reduced and strength was developed in both the upper limbs as well as the lower ones. This has enabled safe deambulation. Some assistance is still needed, but only when covering distances that are longer than what was previously allowed. 


Lumbar discopathy involving pain which radiates to the foot, causing trouble walking and running. Therefore, he arrived at the Viktor Physio Center with difficulties in running as well as pain in the lower back. After 3 months of work, the lower back pain was gone. A slight motor deficit remains but the overall athletic performances have improved.


Paraplegia at D5 level following a traffic accident. The patient has been under Dr. Terekhov’s care for several years and has been attending the Viktor Physio Center for 6 months. Initially, he showed poor control over the whole trunk of his body as well as complete lack of sensitivity. Now he shows good control over his torso and is able to sit safely and firmly. Furthermore, he reports initial signs of regaining sensitivity in the lower limbs. 


Letizia’s diagnosis is not yet clear and further investigation is being carried out. Clinically, it presents itself as right hemiplegia, likely caused by a cervical spinal injury which also led the patient to blindness in the right eye and other neurological deficits. She arrived at the Viktor Physio Center with little control over her trunk, complete muscle activation inability in the right side of her body and hypertonus in her upper limb. After 5 months of treatment, the trunk control has improved so much that a safe deambulation with walking aids is now possible. Moreover, the upper limb hypertonus has reduced.


Persistent and severe lumbago which prevented the normal course of daily actions. After about 10 sessions the lower back pain has disappeared completely and Mario has continued his treatment with us in order to strengthen his muscles and achieve optimal physical conditions as well as a physical well-being which would enable him to enjoy his passions, such as hunting.


Paraplegia at D12 level following a road accident. The patient has been treated by Dr. Terekhov for several years and has been attending the Viktor Physio Center for 6 months. Ever since he started his training he has reported physical well-being and improved his quality of life. Furthermore, the work carried out on the trunk and the upper limbs has led to increased muscle tone, enabling the patient to perform daily activities much more smoothly.


Neuropathy of unknown origins on which careful analysis are still being carried out. Neuropathy causes muscle stiffness in the lower limbs and consequential problems in proper walking, such as slowness and clumsiness, which drastically limit Maurizio’s quality of life. After 3 months of treatment at the Viktor Physio Center, deambulation has improved considarably and, although not totally correct yet, it is gradually approaching a physiological walking pattern. Maurizio reports the reduction of clumsiness when walking and a consequencial increase in speed as well as fewer limitations throughout his daily routine.


Tetraplegia at C2 level as a result of a traffic accident. The patient has been undergoing Dr Terekhov’s treatment for several years and has been attending the Viktor Physio Center for 6 months. Initially she showed little control over her trunk, muscular hypertone in her upper limbs which caused poor function, as well as uncertain and improper deambulation. After a number of sessions, Laura is now capable of perfectly controlling her trunk as well as walking in complete safety for extended stretches. The upper limb hypertone has decreased and Laura reports that her quality of life has drastically improved, she can now carry out every activity she desires, from daily tasks to sport activities.


Serious distortion to both knees, consequential dislocated kneecap and lesion to the right medial collateral ligament. She arrived at the Viktor Physio Center with pain and inability to perform a variety of movements and stay in certain positions. Furthermore, she reported difficulties in walking and, of course, running. After 5 sessions the pain has decreased enough to allow the patient to carry out all daily life activities without any restriction. On top of that, running is gradually being restored and the patient only reports a mild discomfort. Strength has increased and athletic performances have improved.