Whole-Body Adaptive Functional Electrical Stimulation Kinesitherapy Can Promote the Restoring of Physiological Muscle Synergies for Neurological Patients

A study carried out in collaboration with CNR (National Research Council) and Villa Beretta, which underlines the scientific evidence related to AFESK™ technology and VIKTOR method.


Neurological diseases and traumas are major factors that may reduce motor functionality. Functional electrical stimulation is a technique that helps regain motor function, assisting patients in daily life activities and in rehabilitation practices.

In this study  in collaboration wth CNR ( Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and Villa Beretta ( Ospedale Valduce), we evaluated the efficacy of a treatment based on whole-body Adaptive Functional Electrical Stimulation Kinesitherapy (AFESK™) with the use of muscle synergies, a well-established method for evaluation of motor coordination.

The chronic nuerological patients who participated in the study followed exercise protocols accompanied by AFESK™ technology adapted to their needs.

To evaluate the effect of the treatment, the motor index and synergies expressed by the patients were measured, which were subsequently compared with those of the control group of healthy subjects before and after the treatment.

It was observed that after AFESK™ treatment, the patients’ motricity index increased for many of the body segments examined and that the muscle synergies were more similar to those of the healthy reference persons.

In conclusion, AFESK™ treatment combining synchronized stimulation with active movement induced improvements in muscle activation patterns in chronic neurological patients, partially restoring muscle patterns similar to those of healthy people.