Of what does it consist?

Viktor Srl is a start-up company established to disseminate applications of the studies of Dr Viktor Terekhov in neuromotor rehabilitation and sports training.

Forms of disability:
Recommended for people suffering from forms of paralysis in one or more parts of the body
Improvement in quality of life
A significant improvement in the quality of life of the persons involved
Standardisation of methods
A standardisation of rehabilitation methods of the muscular systems and movement

Combined with active movement of the components of motor and sensory control
Reduction in hospitalisation costs
Major savings in national treatment systems, for patients suffering from trauma and for the elderly
Personalisation of protocols
Possibility of personalising protocols, according to the pathologies of the patients.

The Viktor Method, devised by Dr Viktor Terekhov, treats functionality and physiology of movement like never before, to restore expectations of autonomous movement even to patients with serious spinal injuries (as well as to all people with movement dysfunctions, whether they are healthy or pathological, sedentary or athletes, of all ages).
The main aim is to manufacture and distribute electro-medical equipment (for medical practices, physiotherapists, sports trainers and technicians, etc.) dedicated to rehabilitating pathologies with compromised movement and to sports training.

In 2008, Guido Gabbrielli (one of the founding partners) suffered a serious traumatic spinal injury. His intense will not to accept a prognosis with no expectation of improvement led him initially to study his case in-depth and then to apply to himself the most innovative medical protocols.

After long periods of rehabilitation spent at national and international centres of excellence, Guido met Dr Viktor Terekhov, a Russian medical researcher who, in Italy, had continued his studies on neurophysiology and on problems with human movement. In over forty years of research, Dr Terekhov has developed unique know-how in the world which includes new knowledge, new technologies and a new therapeutic approach: the Viktor Method.

Dr Viktor works with a team of professionals and researchers, excellent specialists in various medical, engineering, financial and marketing disciplines, aiming to develop, produce and distribute the technologies, to disseminate the Method and to train professional operators.

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