In Europe, about one million people suffer from forms of paralysis in one or more parts of the body. The main causes of these forms of disability are cerebral ischemia, traumatic accidents and diseases of the nervous system.


Technology and application

The VIKTOR Method is implemented through the workstation VIK16 which revolutionises the concept, limits, effects and use of electro-stimulation, maintaining its ease of administration.

The problem with the current systems

The current electro-stimulation systems have severe limitations as they are actually unable to adequately replicate physiological patterns of movement.


The benefits of the Viktor Method

Thanks to our innovative method, we are able to stimulate all of the most important muscle groups of the human body (up to no. 16 stimulation channels) during each type of movement, providing an adequate FES rhythm linked to the patient’s actual movement.

How does it work?

Movement and electro-stimulation programs activate both the components of motor control and those of sensory control. Only this type of combination is recognised by the central nervous system, which stimulates the reactivation process of the functional capacities lost in patients suffering from trauma or neuromuscular dysfunction.

Guido Gabbrielli, Mario Gabbrielli, Viktor

The equipment

In the first instance, we paid attention to creating a 16-channel Workstation known as VIK16, in which the VIKTOR Method is applied, specifically designed to be used in clinics, hospitals and sports clubs.